Before you print anything, you need a design. Whether it is a simple business card, brochure, notepad or a catalogue you need an industry standard design file ready for print.


At Multiart, we are extremely concerned for normal computer users who of course are not designers, so we offer them graphic design services through our in house graphic design team to get your artwork ready.


You only need to pay for the design once and we’ll will handover the design files to you, so you own them and can use the files for printing as many times as you want.


The best thing is, if you have any update in your design, we do not charge you for that, we’ll do minor changes to your initial design files at no extra cost. Our aim is to facilitate non designers, local business owners, freelancers or students to be able to print anything conveniently and affordably as we believe that anyone can print. Checkout our design packages and choose what suits your needs.


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Established in 1993, our motto is to strive for excellence, be it the quality, service, or price. We promise superior quality and timeliness of jobs through our in-house printing facilities. Together with our strong Design team, we share the belief and commitment of providing our clients with a guarantee of exclusive service.


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